clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Monday, August 31, 2015


At left, spuds as photographed by Job Sullivan who has released the image into the wild copyright free! Found on wikicommons. Nice mashers.

The writing is flat so we try and spice it up. Here, the cook has added a sprinkle of chives and a pat of butter.

We add words. Seldom helps.

Fewer, not more. Less description, not more. Faster action, not more transition padding.

Next time you think the great smashes has stopped by your page, try cutting. Try cutting hard.

I dropped two scenes last night out of nine and with just a few words here and there covered the whole bit without those two waltzes.

Turns out the whole thing moves better in 5/8 time. The waltz wasn't doing a thing for me. [ 5/8? think 5/4 time and Time Out by Dave Brubeck.]

So, armed with a pen of red and a story that turned flat in the last third, I'm cutting. I'm cutting to the bone.

It is a blog entitled Mayhem, after all.

Try a little yourselves.

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