clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Writer's Guilt

Public domain poster from wikicommons originally published by the Office of War Information, USA.

I've got writer's guilt.

I badly handled a scene last night. Instead of a light and insightful little bit, it is a piece of hack drudgery to read.

I am going to move on and finish the story and catch the error with a big note I'll see clearly in re-write in case I'm addled when revision time rolls around.

You see what I did there.

I committed to finishing a story even though I've clearly made a bad mistake in clumsy prose.

Finish. The. Story. Then re-write.

Lesson there. Cheap one too.

We all make mistakes. Some writers just make fewer than others.

Nothing to feel guilty about - unless you don't finish the story.

Trust me. I've a chest of "the great unfinished" just in case I don't have enough for which to feel guilty.

Back to it. That ink can dry on the page or in the pen.

It will dry.

Guilt or not.

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