clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Monday, August 17, 2015

Right Turn on Red

Public domain image at left courtesy US Government. Atlas Missile test fire.

When the aliens ask me to explain humans, I have the answer.

Right turn on red.

We make rules. We make rules after long experience with chaos and eventually decide we have to codify order.

We impose rules. Example: all stop on red.

Then, we cannot stand the order we've created. We have to introduce some of the chaos back into the system.

Amended rule: right turn on red, ostensibly after stopping.

"How it work for you?" They ask.

About like you'd think.

The Atlas was deployed in New Mexico. So was the group that dropped the atomic bomb on Japan (moved there after the mission).

Yep. That New Mexico. Tested the first bomb there, too.

If you were a little green man, it might be on the tourist map you bought down the road in Alpha Centauri.

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