clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Black Dog Days

At left, the Black Dog public house in Weymouth. Image is from Wulfrunian1 as hosted on wikicommons and the generous Mr. (Ms. ?) Wulfrunian1 allows its use for just the credit. Lovely sentiment, that.

It's cool and rainy here but spring is creeping up despite March being a winter month in Michigan. I'm doing a little black dog dance and could use a little more sun. Perhaps with daylight time I'll get it.

I'm grinding away on the non-fiction and have a real opportunity to do some good work. I've made a substantial improvement in my topical library and am in a good place to follow-on some giants in this field by making their words more accessible.

We shall see.

The discipline of non-fiction for short concise writing is a good drill for me. Oh, and one of my friends has a short accepted by Tin House. Pretty inspirational stuff, that.

Off to the work of ink.

You should be off to yours. We'll talk fiction again later.