clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Monday, August 10, 2015

A Problem or Two

At left, a cat image from wikicommons graciously declared copyright-free and in the public domain by its photographer. Thanks, Webber 2006.

I don't like cats. I'm a dog person.

In true literary fashion, I live with two. My wife says they are red mackerels. They have cute names.

They both prefer me to any other human in the universe.

I did say I don't like cats, right?

Every writer needs a cat or two. I'm cruising along immersed in prose and discover cat on lap, cat on foot.

How does this happen? No idea.

Tonight I had to wash my new tent because during my week of testing it in the meadow, a feral cat sprayed the thing. I cleaned it with the wrong products and had to re-condition it tonight.

Washing a three-man tent is a little like washing a cat: neither of them like it and you don't do as good a job at the end as your thought you were going to do when you started.

I've had a cat get covered in engine grease and so I've a little experience with "wildlife recovery"  cat washing in a de-greasing soap.

Want to see my scars?

At least the tent didn't fight back. It's drying outside my library right now. Looks fine.

SO, recreational product restoration complete, I turn to WIP.

After your obligatory chores, you too should close the iPAD and work on your own prose.

There's a story in there. It needs to be let out.

It'll scratch at the door and yowl until you do.

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