clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Thursday, December 14, 2017


Left, a funerary urn from St. Columba's, Stewarton, East Aryshire. Photo courtesy Rosser1954 and hosted on wikicommons for the mere price of attribution.

Every image we craft in prose has a backstory.

We have to know it. It influences the behavior of the characters and the things about them. We authors know it.

The reader may discover bits and pieces but largely, the backstory is not for them.

My story tonight is all backstory so we'll parse it out in one decisive edit. There. Gone.

I have been left a fabulous hook from an unfinished tale.

Up to my efforts now.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Holiday Writing

At left, this evening's decadence: eggnog and rum. If you add enough rum you get that wonderful marbling effect.

I'm composing. I'm drafting. I'm writing.

He's how it works: I put my ass in a chair and I write.


Yes, there are lots of other distractions. No, I'm not responding to them.

Day job -- it's a good day job so there's that -- then gym, then a little household clearance, then library and desk.

I'm fixing old work. I'll looking at structure and twists and character development and changing those parts that have never quite worked.

There's a novel in the folder but through the holiday: short stories. 

Watch out. The body count is climbing.

The rum bottle is nervous it might be next.

Who can say?