clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Opportunity and Voice

At left, poster for Carmen as staged by the WPA and as produced in this flat by a member of the US Government. Copyright free image courtesy wikicommons.


I've recently started a new series of shorts in 3rd present. I like it. The dialogue always works in 3rd present but the narrative seems almost invisible to me at present. I like that. Makes the characters come to the foreground.

Years ago I submitted a story in 3rd present and got a note from the editor back in longhand. Lovely.

Listed four reasons why he didn't like 3rd present and why none of the stories he put forward ever were in that voice. He had a fifth point about my story but I cannot remember it. I do remember the rebuke on 3rd present and specifically how "says" did not fade into the background as well as "said."

I did not have the story stripped clean of descriptive narrative devices and that probably did not help the voice either. Minimalism is minimalism and you cannot suddenly add a gross overture of narrative description as a coda.

SO, voice. I'm have a bit of enjoyment with new characters doing new things. Thanks to Loren Estleman and his Detroit Is Our Beat stories for the inspiration to craft a tight knit trio. [ He doesn't know me except as a guy whose had a couple of his books signed at a book faire].

I've a vocational opportunity that is consuming a lot of my time.

We want opportunity most of all once we master our vocational crafts. I've got one looming and of course the best way to get what you want to to start doing the work without being asked to consider doing that sort of work.

You'll hear from me next week. I'm off to NYC.

It's the big time, ladies and gentlemen. I might have to actually act like a grown-up and change the world this time. I've pissed away all the other generous opportunities to do so.

I think I'll keep this one.

Might not have any others left in the basket. You never know how full it was loaded when you started out.

Doesn't mean I'll put down the pen. In fact, I'll work on the current story from the central branch of the NY Public Library as I wait for a colleague's flight to arrive.

I love NYC. Did I mention that?


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I like the thought of a tight-knit trio. And I hope you have a great trip! Wow, the NY Public Library. That should be good for some inspiration! Enjoy. :) Haven't been to NYC since I was in Latin club in high school.'s been a while...

jack welling said...

Dallas for us. Pompeii exhibit traveling the world and the stop we saw was in Dallas.

I did love translating Martial's satirical epigrams, though. Loved it.

Thanks! Great memories.