clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Pen of Purpose

 At left, a new pen for me. This is a Bolt from Karas Kustoms - no apostrophe for the possessive. [Web Site Here].

My version is made of brass and weighs just about what a pen of purpose should weigh. Re-write, edits ? Yes, this will do the job.

The bolt has the iconic "bolt action" for a retractable cartridge. It takes a number of  popular refills and a Parker I tried fits it AOK.

 The clip is attached with two small allen-head screws. The whole thing has a "machinist's product" sort of feel which is because it was produced in just that manner. It is a machined pen made here in the USA. Mesa, Arizona,
The bolt is indeed a bolt - as in rifle bolt. It has a Mannlicher-Schonauer sort of appeal.
In paw. The beast is substantial without being tiring. Now, you need to like heavy pens to like this one. It is about the upper limit of what I might use.

Their fountain pen named The Ink is next on my list. It has a machined aluminum body and copper/brass/aluminum insert into the barrel for holding the nib. It might be my daily carry instead of a Lamy 2000 stainless. It is less expensive and the industrial design suits my everyday needs.

My version of The Bolt came from Shinola whose store on Main street Ann Arbor I visited today. A couple notebooks and a new pen found their way into my basket.

Now, some new words better find their way into my new story.

All you story engineers out there: this is a fine pen. The Bolt, by Karas Kustoms.

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