clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

The Falsehoods of Common Household Appliances


It lies.

It is filled with falsehoods instead of dishes.

I ask it "are you clean?" and it will respond "sure" in an absent tone as if it can't be bothered to look away from ESPN. Its German accent is grating at these times.

I start putting the dishes away and - surprise - some egg from breakfast.

"Did you do this?" 

"Do what?"

I hold up the plate.

"This, right here." I'm pointing madly with emphasis.  "You said you were clean."

Then, laughter. It's a horrible sound: the laughter of an appliance.


Wanted: Dishwasher. Must not be pathological liar.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

On It

Image on wikicommons thanks to Rama. Thanks Rama. Nicely done.

We're plotting and writing scenes.

You know that whole "welling up out of your soul" business? It happens.

I'm working on a piece of genre fiction. I have the beast plotted in the first form of "here ... to ... there" and I understand the transformations in the protagonist I wish to portray for the reader.

I'm on it. I'm putting together scene drafts (what needs to happen in the text) to link some key elements.

I'll be drafting in full next week. 

It's been three years. Time enough. Back on the horse.

I still miss Dean. Died too damn soon; and too damn quickly.

Selfish of me. Meh - I too am a flawed character.