clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Writers I Miss

At left, the periodical reading room at the central New York Public Library. The room is the Wallace periodical room and appears here through wikicommons as posted by the photographer Bestbudbrian.

Great snap. Bestbudbrian certainly takes sharp images! Thanks for the use.

I wrote here last week.

I was in New York for business and had some time and so being just down the street on 3rd I stopped-in and wrote. Lovely.

It made me miss some writing friends. They aren't dead. They've just drifted away because; well, we're writers.

I've had a number of writing partners and small groups - some structured and others not.

I have no problem writing in a library or a coffee shop or a cafe. Fine. I learned long ago to shut out distractions in the day job and can be perfectly productive on a train or airplane or in a bar or even at a party. Focus skills are focus skills. Master them or not.

I write longhand in public and transcribe and edit on my laptop in my own - less expansive - library.

I do miss people I've worked with over the years. Some have gone on to successful avocational writing meaning I can buy their books today. Others are still anonymous writers not achieving complete works for the transition to author.

I have the stories now that I desire to finish and publish. I feel solidly about the work and am willing to sign my name. That's been a problem for a few years. It matters to me as the audience first.

So, shortly the endless submission process. Yet this decision and the completion of various pieces makes me miss my old partners.

I wonder if they are still writing.

I hope so.

I've enough tears for only my own dreams, however. I'll keep wondering for a bit more.

Part of the writers' creed. We keep to ourselves a bit.

Then we keep to ourselves a bit more.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Enjoy your time there!

This really rang true for me. I was just thinking last week about the members of a writing group I was in, locally, about 10 years or more ago. I wondered the same thing...had they progressed? Did they want to, or were they satisfied writing for themselves? But then, as an introvert, same thing...I wouldn't dream of looking them up to find out!

jack welling said...

Ink for blood. In some cases invisible ink!

Happy end of summer to you. Onward to the autumn!