clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Friday, August 7, 2015

Same the World Over

Norrkoping bar in Sweden at the airport in Norrkoping. JIP took the picture and allows us to borrow it from wikicommons for just the attribution.

There is something about an airport bar that is unsavory in its over-lighted antiseptic finish. It's the sort of place second-tier crimes might be arranged but for crimes of the first tier, nah. Nothing.

I've been to Norrkoping but have not had the pleasure of its airport. The train from Stockholm is just fine and Stockholm is a great airport for destination travel.

I think of Sweden and indeed this image is what comes to mind: florescent bathed cleanliness devoid of personality. There just isn't enough filth and grunge and neglect in the place for me. I've never sat in a bar an noticed anyone's initials carved into the table ot wall. These tend to me more my sort of bars. Spike's. Old Towne. The Sandbar. Jerry's.

I've put my cast of characters for the opening scene. There is tension a plenty between the actors.

Write what you know.

I know I need a drink. Mike mine a double inky fingers.

Happy Friday Night.

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