clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Wine

At left, an image from wikicommons as provided by André Karwath. Lovely snap. Thanks for the use.

I used to be able to drink wine and write prose without difficulty. I drank fairly rough stuff. I'm a fan of Italian reds.

Now, it is too relaxing. I cannot do it anymore.

Scotch - sure. A taste over three or four hours seems just fine ( a taste being one finger).

Burger night here. Had a bottle of red with the burgers. Now, too bloody mellow and relaxed to do the serious harm my stories require.

I'm not up to grinding a character's hand in the disposal.

I think they're upping the alcohol content in the mass market stuff. More sugar, more alcohol.

Anyway - it did me in this evening. There's nothing for it but to tie leaders for fly fishing and generally do "not writing." I could use a break but a chemically induced one is not what I had in mind.

Stay off the juice.

I'll deny it if you attribute it to me. However -

You heard me.  

It's "Noir at the Bar" and not "mellow writers laughing softly at the bar."

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