clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Guerrilla Library

At left, a lending library photographed by Anton-kurt in wikicommons. Copyright free image.

It's a public art installation.

I like the photograph at left very much.

One of our local free lending micro-libraries was disturbed by vandals. Couple that with the trouble our friends in the U.K. are facing over their libraries and I have to do something.

I have a library.

So, I'm going to construct something on the order of the case you see at left and install it along a public paved walking trail along the river down the hill from my home.

I have some 5/8" oak plywood. I suspect with a little waterproof deck stain I can get a hardy product. I like the glass front. I'll have to work on that detail. I suspect a little consultation with another writer I know - who is a solid woodworker - and I can make something to last.

I suspect I'll need to work out site transfer.

I also get to have the fun of selecting books to install in the initial release. There is a park bench in a nice spot that gets sun through the leaves of some birch trees. That's a good spot for a little read and so I've got my location.

What'll they do to me? Cite me for disturbing the peace with a library?

I suppose if I pick the wrong books, I could be littering.

1984. Got it. Definitely going in.

Oh - and a children/ YA shelf, too. Fiction, non-fiction, Children/YA. Perfect.

Anyone on the bench in the spring without a book handy - well. There's the library right there!

I'm going to name it, too. Just in case the authorities search for the name, I'll just keep that detail off the nets.

If you email me, I'll tell you.

Title suggestions appreciated in the comments.

Wind in the Willows. The Pooh collection. Charlotte's Web.

Maybe Walden. Certainly a book of Frost and Sandburg. Updike? Maybe a birding guide - one with bird calls.

I feel positively subversive.

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