clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Mender of Broken Dreams

At left, Tiki Ti from Hollywood, California. At left, a copyright free image of the entrance provided by a generous soul on wikicommons. Thanks!

I'm not showing the inside of a tiki bar. No such thing should ever be photographed. You might steal its soul. Or, you my get punched in the snoot by an occasionally single husband inadvertently captured in the image.

It is Valentine's Day and thus in that spirit: you probably can make use of an official Mender of Broken Dreams. You're a writer, after all.

Try Psycho Suzi's here.  St. Paul in the Twin cities. Worth the plane fare.

Closer than Hollywood and you really don't want to go to Hollywood, anyway. The rest of us look like malformed bumpkins kept in the basement compared to the plastic perfection of movieland. It isn't a place for normal people. Really.

Suzi does the job quite well. She'll mend your dreams or kill the brain cells that held onto them.

I didn't say the cure was painless or even safe.

I normally love the aspect of crime in a story but today was thinking of the Madam Zelda archetype. We know about matchmakers. Perhaps in the fashion of Mr. King we need a story about a professional mender of broken dreams.

Faust did a fine job. Winston Wolf is a fine on-screen character. Let's mix them a little and throw in a little V.I. Warshawski.

Getting warmer?

It's a little Fantasy Island in premise, yes. We have someone who through means not understood at the start of the book makes things happen for the benefit of the subject client.

Things turn out differently but perhaps not without the loss of a limb or two - or even a life.

You're Bernie M. You're in your office. You know it's all gone down the tubes and the Feds are going to be here tomorrow or the next day.

What if there was someone to go see, someone to ask for "help."

"It's gonna cost you Bernie,"  they say.

But Bernie has money. He thinks that's the price.

It's just a starting point in the satisfaction of the bill.

Sure, it's a little loosey-goosey. I came up with the premise wishing I had a Suffering Bastard in my hand. That's bound to have some sort of consequence.

I'd love to hear your idea for a Mender of Broken Dreams.

Know any?

[ Not that I'm - you know - asking outside of a "professional" literary interest or anything].

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