clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Recovering from a personal tribute to Hunter Thompson.

The beverage of choice: Glaucoma.

Ingredients: classified: need-to-know.

At left, the cure of ... wait for it ... more booze.

Picture from wikicommons of a lovely Bloody Mary set-up. Photograph from Evan Swigart of Chicago, Il. USA.

Wonderful snap. Even nicer that he's allowed us to use it here. Wonderful work.

I have work to do so will not prattle on much.

You wonder perhaps what Hunter Thompson has to do with crime writing?

A little bit I posted elsewhere explains:
When I'm not sure what to do in a story I'm writing, I think of having a man with a gun enter the room. [ Chandler] When I picture that man as Hunter, scares the hell out of all my other characters and they get right back into the action.

Works every time.
And now, it is back to recovery for me. Oh. Caught me.

Writer colloquialism for killing off more characters.

The are still fictional dumpsters that don't have bodies in them.

Let's stamp this out in our time.

It's a cause I can get behind.

Maybe we can get little bands or lapel pins.


Of course. I put bodies in a dumpster for an avocational pursuit.

Don't look to a crime writer for moral guidance.  Mayhem is good for sales. So are bodies.

I'm off to make some of each.

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