clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Friday, February 27, 2015

And Now, Curry generously allows the use of the image at left from wikicommons provided we attribute the photo to them.

It doesn't mention if ate the curry in question. I'd hope so. Looks lovely.

Check them out online.

So, tonight's writing was obstructed by and outing for curry.

I'm a bit of a curry hound. Surprise. It is zero degrees outside which is up from the twenty below at dawn. A nice curry goes well in such weather.

I'm writing a pair of guys stuck on an island. I have something there. I have to be careful.

You know that feeling where your story has come tot he point it can be wonderful or a complete disaster? Sort of like balancing a hot curry on your lap.

There we are. Ink doesn't freeze easily at all. Good thing. I'll be slinging it all weekend.

Spill some of your own. Order in some curry if you can't tear yourself away from the manuscript.

Better to get friends and pile into a deep booth for a hot dish, though.

A hot curry will do you good. Feed the creative engine creative foods.

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