clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Thing of Beauty

... is a joy forever. - Keats. "Endymion."

At left, an image of our own little stunner. Thanks to wikicommons and Downtowngal for such a lovely snap and permission to use it here. Great image. Nice framing.

Writing crime, you see these dumpsters all over the civilized world. Isn't it lovely we have body disposal devices so handy?

I've got a WIP where I've put some bodies in a dumpster.


Getting rid of the bodies? Well. If you bribe a couple of garbagemen to move the dumpster to somewhere off route, then who knows when the bodies might be found. In Detroit, it might be months. I mean - old dumpster pushed in behind a walk-in cooler box at a closed diner. Who'd look in a dumpster behind an boarded up building?

Somebody, sure. But not everyday.

Good stuff is in dumpsters outside - oh - an apartment building filled with college students.

So, you've got bodies and they're in a dumpster.

You're half way there. Downhill even. Almost like the thing was rolling.

That's not a bad story either.

Run a dumpster into a car outside the condos on the B&O canal. Lots of people look out the window but the fellow whose 5-series has a some active bodywork is the only one out on the street.


And, there's a handy dumpster in which to put the body.

Maybe you'd like that shot to go "bang."

Let us not forget to allow the bad guys have some fun.

I'm having fun. My story isn't good yet. It's getting better. It's getting better.

No need for a dumpster.


Re-writing is where things get better. Back to it.

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