clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Sunday, October 20, 2013

One Point of View to Another

Image at left from Mohan K.

I've a story I've written in one point of view. This morning over coffee, I realized it would be more effective if told from a difference point of view and that the point of view should center on a character who is not my original protagonist.

 Now, I'v done the drill of writing the same story from four points of view: 1st past, Omniscient, 3rd past, 3rd past limited.

The story I need to re-write I should tell from 3rd past intimate. The character I choose is a stand-in for the reader. He's innocent of the skills and background necessary to master the conflict in which he's caught up. He has to rely on two other characters to navigate the challenges. He's more than along for the ride; but, he's not able to lead the effort.

In the immersion of the story  I want to tell, the character we most identify with as readers is the one whose point of view the story should be centered upon. Sure, we'll idolize the efficiency and craft of the other two: but we should. We're not those characters and their skills do amaze us.

We'll feel as readers as the third character feels. I will try writing from his intimate point of view. I read the Russians early. I love omniscient. It's out of favor a bit. Nobody is perfect.

I hope your point of view is centering on the page tonight. Shut the television off. Write something. Or, read something you've been meaning to for too bloody long.

It provides a new perspective on events.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Think it was smart of you to catch on that the story would be stronger in a different POV. Good luck with the edits!

jack welling said...

I'll take the luck.