clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lovely Evening, Really

AT left, what it looks like around here right now. I do drafts by longhand for the rough and first, then transcribe to Scriviner and editing begins. Re-writes in the second and others are almost always at the keyboard even when I chop large sections.

I prefer to compose longhand right now for what I begin. I've written on the keyboard, I've written longhand. I prefer longhand because it allows me a more considered view of the whole during composition. It don't think it has to be that way; but, it works that way for me.

I'm using the Sailor Jentle Ink on the recommendation of a friend. I like it. I've used Cross cartridge ink for years and Parker ink in an adapter. However, this Sailor Jentle Ink is nicer on the page than either of those. There is no feathering on the plain 20 lb. cotton bond I use for composition.

It is gray here and drizzle has set in for the past day. My heater has become dodgy (geothermal and I've got a solenoid operated valve that is being stubborn).  The public areas can all be heated nicely with the wood stove so no real worries. The bedrooms on the private floor are constant all year around so - meh. It can wait until Monday if there is a wool sweater handy. My library is cool but I can always go to a loft which catches lots of heat (which is why I don't use it for regular writing).

I'm writing this evening with a cup of hot tea in front of me and a desire to finish this draft carefully. I want the right words in the right pace. I'm getting my feel back. I haven't pushed to finish works consistently for a good decade. This feels good again.

I need to think about conferences next year. Anyone attended Sewanee? I could use advice.

I hope your evening of writing goes as swimmingly as I hope my own will.  I hope you are remembering to read, too. But then, of course you are.

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