clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

In The Room

At left, by Jack Hynes, the proverbial 800 pounder. His name is Jock and he lives at the Bristol zoo.

Tonight, he's in my library as I write.

It's great weather here. A squall line is going to blow through tonight. It's cool and I'm in heavy wool. I haven't yet activated the supplemental heater I have under the desk but I haven't put on wool slippers, either. Louis (foxhound) and I are  alone and it is a great night to write.

Jock is taking up a bit of space, though.

I haven't submitted anything for publication this year. I've got nine reasonably solid stories that need an edit and re-write. I'm nearly done with a draft of a novel. I've got twenty pages of notes on the "high concept blockbuster" piece to follow. I've got a character in transition for a third piece that I need to record some notes about before he drifts away. I have Bill and Veronica to teach to dance like a couple.

I've got work. I just don't have shit to show for it. Nor is any of the work in a position to do more about the gorilla dilemma at the moment. It all needs more work.

Now, I generally like gorillas. I like guerrillas, too. Chimps - not wild about. I just don't want this particular genetic cousin to get too comfy.

I'm content. Then, there is the "whole other bit" I have to learn something about. The "other than content" part of being Author, inc.

My first thought: get some things published in short form. Get work out there. Do it. Try and find 10 readers in the next 12 months. Big push, isn't it? I don't know ten people right now to read my bullshit if I asked.

So, improve the product - pretty much job one. Funny. That was the same job twelve months ago.

I'm at least broken to the yoke. One can dream; but, effort is required for the results.

If Jock stays around here, he better learn to edit quickly because everyone in this library earns their keep. Louis is snoring now. Maybe everyone doesn't earn their keep. I'll settle for Jock staying off my back.

Off to content land. You should go, too. There are stories to write, people. Stories! Tell some lies. Make someone smile.

Go. Write. You've seen 800 pound gorillas before. Mine is nothing special. Yours isn't either.



Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Sounds like you're in edit and submit mode. And you've got the perfect approach planned--publish. So you could prioritize...see which story is in the best shape (whatever takes the least time to edit), then set a deadline for editing it, another deadline for publishing it (think of its publication as an experiment). Then a deadline for the next one, etc.

Then you can feel like you're making progress with your goals--which is very motivating, at least to me. I live by an editorial calendar...have to or else I feel completely overwhelmed, which immobilizes me. I even reward myself with small things (sub sandwich from my favorite place, buy a new book or movie release on Amazon or Netflix) when I meet the deadlines, or take away something if I don't meet it (taking away my glass of wine in the evenings would strike enough fear in me to meet a deadline, for sure). It's ridiculous how easy it is for me to manipulate myself. :)

jack welling said...

I need more stick.

The editorial calendar. Yes, I will use this. Thank you. 10 days for step A, 45 days until submit....that sort of business.

I have a new Gorey 2014 that will do nicely for the new year plan - as I need physical artifacts as reminders.

Yes, the components of the task as they relate to temporal concerns. It sounds like a ...project plan. Shoot me now. There is no other way that works for me. I share too many genes with the garden slug. I move at a "glacial pace."

Maybe from carrot, too.

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

A Gorey calendar...excellent! I'm a fan (got acquainted with his drawings because his stuff was the in the intro to Masterpiece favorite show). And my dad is a huge fan--has the A-Z books and all. May have to get him a calendar for Christmas.