clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Monday, October 7, 2013

Bad Monkey? Hilarious.

I'm reading this. I should probably be consuming Adam Johnson's excellent The Orphan Master's Son; but, I am not.

I'm reading Carl Hiaasen's funny detective story. The protagonist has a poor attitude that permeates his miserable position but doesn't keep him from poking around in crime. It's crime fiction, right? He's got to poke around in crime.

I'm enjoying the read. You should too.

It's a little over the top in places (the object of attention in the early novel is "flipping the bird")  but if you put on your Joseph Heller hat and imaging you're in a version of Catch-22 set in the Keys you'll do just fine.

I'm off to write a little and then to read. You know what I'll be writing. Now you know what I'll be reading.

I'll try not to laugh too loudly as you try and sleep.

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