clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Monday, October 14, 2013

About the Dog

At left, the dog I found. Now home safe.

A friend wired and asked that I post a dog picture and here it is. Happy dog. Her name is Zoe.

I also got an email about Bill and Veronica and if the content blurb was a fad or if I was going to work them up as characters or ....what?

So, Bill and Veronica are part of a story I am writing for a contest this month. I have a story core around them and am feeling my way through their development. They'll appear in these pages in vignettes, though actual stories will not appear because they might actual materialize into a collect. Who knows. I don't like 1500 word bits on blogs and I assume you don't either.

I made friends suffer in that fashion a decade or so ago. I won't do it again.

So, yes Bill and Veronica will appear in these pages. I'll try and find funny perspectives for them that are not "quippy." I like them though they are entirely too happy.

I need to go write. So do you. Read some of the folks linked at the side. I need to update my links as I have found a few more real gems. I've also found a friend with a now seemly dead blog. Always sad.

Oh, and Nigel: thanks so much for the tip on Scribophile. It's a helpful community. There is some dog bad writing on the site but that's just because the bits make me recognize my OWN problems. Thanks, Nigel. There are some gems here too. Solid voices, nice folks.

Write something, everyone.

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