clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Character

The image at left is from wikicommons but the author didn't leave a proper name.

It is a crow. Nicest crow I've seen, but the author says it is a crow.

My new character is a crow. He is really the last of the carrion feeders.

It's the end of the career and he's a little past it. He's not the bright boy juggling all the balls in the air in the international world of mystery and intrigue.  Hey, someone has to retrieve James Bond's car when he leaves it on the streets of Geneva then catches a a lift on the bottom of a supersonic drone to Berlin. What happened to the car Q told him not to lose?

So, I like this guy. He's got legs for me. I've seen enough of the world of plots to know most of them start with the wrong premise, are executed by people ill informed of the opposition, and frequently go completely to hell. Somebody picks up the pieces.

So, I'm excited. Jimmy Bird is my character's name. I need to draft a couple short stories to start getting a feel for the fellow on the page.

I will say this: girls don't swoon and fall into bed with him like they do Bond. Jimmy was a good field man: average build, maybe below average looks, weak chin.


I'm off to read through. I have edits to do which involve extensive typing of a draft and I type like a chimp. Yes, I make my living at a keyboard just like everyone else. No, I don't type well.

I took Western Political Thought from Eloise Lynch instead of typing. Go figure.

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