clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Friday, October 11, 2013

Cool and New

It is late and I've had a very active day. I wanted to share a lovely find from last weekend anyway.

At left: The Midnight Promise from Zane Lovitt. It's on my "right after dinner" reading list where I sit and read on some physical book for 30 minutes before going about my other evening duties. I have this collection of actual physical books I want to get through - crazy? Sure. I'm just that sort of Luddite. I see a book in a store and I simply must buy it instead of taking a picture, going home, and buying an electronic version.

[ I see you do it. I know what you are up to. Don't think I didn't notice!]

So, the press is World Noir. I bought several of their offerings. The book at left introduces the gumshoe John Dorn in a hardboiled offering of short stories! I know : a collection of short stories! I was excited for Zane Lovitt of Melbourne, Australia and had to buy it.

I've others from this press I'll write about here in the future. I was just excited to find a nice consistent set of short stories as an author's first book. They have to be - er - killer to be set forward as the initial offering. The press offers crime from around

Well done, Zane. I'll start this collection tomorrow night. I encourage everyone to look at the World Noir offerings here in North America. Here's a link.

If you're not writing, go buy something to read. These volumes are great place to start.

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