clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The unexpected

I lost yesterday. I lost control of the day. I lost control of my time.

My time is not entirely my own. Frau bear had other plans and so, voop. Yesterday disappeared unexpectedly.

Sometimes on a draft revision the most unexpected things will happen also. This is most annoying when I'm trying to carefully craft a revision segment. Sometimes, it will happen repeatedly at the same place.

Unexpected tone, voice, plot elements, evolution - all manner of oddities will occur.

I understand now that these things are most often for the better. I used to believe they were odd bits of flotsam in my writing. They were a lack of control. I now think they are the little writer on my shoulder saying "this isn't good enough and here's a path to a better way."

The odd bits do twist into more interesting and compelling writing.

The unexpected isn't a bad thing and sometimes it is just what I need. Yesterday was also one of those days.

Today - complete chaos. I'm going here :

Kerrytown Bookfest.

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