clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Projects and Status

Short Story -> Kaye  first draft and on ice.

Young lady in trouble for English essay that accurate depicts her family (mad scientists, spy, genius younger brother, cybernetic beagle).

Short Story ->  Obit  first draft and on ice.

Sleuth from unnamed agency dispatched to investigate unnatural death from chicken coup explosion.

Short Story -> Paradise  ... first draft and on ice. Needs massive re-write, though.

The hand of God in daily life (unexpected and unwanted) on the prairie. It's bad when the powerful take a personal interest in your existence.

Short Story -> Tension (Despot Island jr. ) in progress.

Job for life ? We've got your solution.

Short Story -> Empire. to do. Some sketches.

The administration of Empire is a difficult task requiring special skills. The bureaucratic machine is pretty dynamic and insightful in this version.

Short Story -> The Hearing. to do. Sketches.

Totalitarian states do poorly at responding to outside stimuli. The results of even innocent communication are unpredictable.

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