clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The opening

First, I'd like to say some bad things about HP and their useless bloody touchpad which lies right under my thumbs when I type.

Blame the tool ? Ah - and tool is the right word for the genius behind this design. I'm a trackball guy living among the legion of touchpad users. A Gulliver, as it were.

The open is crucial to me. I need an effortless flow to my opening paragraphs without excessively labored rework or contrived mechanisms to lay my story before the reader. I personally need the story to flow immediately from the start since I love plot-driven story-telling.  I'm working to get the characters in there but it is the opening that drives me.

I cannot write the start last (as one hapless writing instructor suggested years ago). I need the first to work so as to encourage me with its purity for the grind of the rest of the story choices.

I am working on an opening now that seems good one minute and poor the next. I have the germ of the thing. It will evolve soon. I've too much vested in the desire for this one to work. I cannot let it go.

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