clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Monday, September 3, 2012

Ms. Reid

You should be reading Janet Reid.

You can find her here : Janet

I'm in the throes of creating content. I will be for another twenty-five years. When I start doing other things like teaching at seminars it means I have given up on creating content.

Janet sells content. She handles those bits so that content creators can create - namely write - and the business goes to her. Write well, and it all works out. Anyone call sell good stuff.

Want to make money from your writing ? Do it well. People do buy crap. Sure. They also buy good stuff. Odds are higher they'll buy yours if it is good.

She's also fun. She gives back a ton to this industry. She's smart.

If you need advice on agents, query, publishers, and selling - she's the one. After all, the "how to sell this" advice comes best from someone who actually does that job.

Never take 'secret' investment advice from someone who has a day job. If it worked so well, why is this guy working for a living ?

Don't take advice about agents or agent stuff from someone who isn't one. Writers write. Agents sell.

Don't fuck up and confuse the two.

Now - go write something. That's where I will be.

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