clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall, now

Tonight, rain. Cool weather follows.

It is fall. The hints of things around the corner have played out. The things around are now here.

I have a story to finish tonight. I've been putting it off for no good reason. I think I put it off because I made a bad choice and the story turned a way I didn't like.

Now, a couple sentence correction and a plot-driven ending. Later, we'll have a character-centric rewrite.

I'm fighting with a touch pad that won't shut off properly. This HP Envy has about run its course. The keyboard is 'adequate' but the Lenovo carbon X1 looms large. I like the thinkpad keyboard.

Well. Off to finish this one. The next story in the queue is much more exciting for me to write. It represents a potential novel (have a hundred of pages lying around) and am starting fresh with the concept and characters anxious to attack with newly sharpened claws and focus.

My theory of late is to write short stories and ice them. I'll then come back on a grand revision sweep followed by a shorter period of cooling.

I'll pick the best of these and tune for submission. The second, I'll keep as the seed of the next novel. The third, I'll polish twice as hard for the submission cycle before turning to the novel seed. Two in the pipe, one in the serious expansion phase.

Rambling tonight ? Sure, I'm tired. Tea will help. Tea will help more than throwing this HP P.O.S. out the window.

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