clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Friday, September 28, 2012

Off to Meet the Wizards...

There is a bit of a celebration locally next week that features a good number of authors. A good cross section of accomplishments are represented. A good breadth of experience is also represented.

I am attending. It is difficult for me to introduce myself and shake hands and say sheepishly  "I'm a writer, too."

I'm going to get over that little embarrassment.

Do I sit at the desk and write when other kids are at the ball game or playing outdoors ? Yes.
Do I spend hours grinding into the night on the description of a murder scene or the cut of the antagonists jib ? Yes.

Have I executed complete and well-formed stories ? Yes.

Author ? No. There is still much editing and re-write to do. It will come.

Nevertheless, I am going. It is oddly motivational to be around success and accomplishment.

How to prepare ? Know what the authors have written. Know their story (easier now with the internet). Know who is local and regional and who is not. Read those whose works you think you'd most enjoy. Make the experience pleasurable. It isn't a date with a supermodel (she likes blue, hates green, and enjoys promoting world peace). It's a group of authors ultimately doing the PR and promotion of their works.

Be a knowledgeable consumer. Make a human connection. Embrace the mantle of  "writer" even if not "author."  Listen more than speak. Laugh and have fun.

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