clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Friday, March 13, 2015

What We have, What We Want

At left, a wonderful picture of a meadow by Conny on wikicommons. Thanks for allowing us to use the image, Conny. Lovely.

The meadow at left is what I want. The meadow I have is melting, but still has quite a lot of snow upon it. Maybe next week.

I was struck today by how things work, and how we want them to work.

Also, what we have and what we want.

There is the draft we write. There is the draft we want.

The differences in these two things is some multiple of the hours in the chair it took to create that first draft.

I do better these days because I've learned not to make the mistakes in my early draft that I know I'll have to fix in later drafts.

I still make mistakes in the narrative flow, the prose, the emotional portrayals, the simple execution of grammar, revelations, motivations, and consequences. It still takes time to revise, correct, and lastly to edit.

We've all got work to do.

Some more than others.

It doesn't get done sitting around wishing for spring. It gets done by putting ass in chair and working diligently.

Your individual mileage may vary.  Flowers will blossom.

Will you beat them to full bloom?

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