clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Not a Pipe

At left, a slightly fuzzy image from wikicommons made public domain and free of all copyright by Fritz.


One of Margritte's famous painting states "this is a not a pipe."  The painting is entitled The Treachery of Images.

My version with borrowed image is above.

You know that point when you craft an important work and think "garbage, this is all garbage."

We all have that.

Work through it.

"This is not a story."

That is a powerful statement in itself. Now charge ahead. You have an even more powerful statement around the corner: completion.

Off to work, penmonkey (penmonkey is a term I suspect owned wholly by Wendig and if it is, I'll bribe him for release under fair use with a bottle of rum. It's good rum).

Off to work. Nothing will be completed if you're reading this drivel, checking Twitter, or using Google to see if you are yet famous.

I know.


Nigel G Mitchell said...

LOL true, no one ever became a bestselling author by hanging around on Google+

jack welling said...


Always a great day when you stop by!

Sad, isn't it? Doing all the fun stuff on social media doesn't accomplish the first job: writing the novel.