clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Last of the Great Letter Writers

At left, a wonderful snap from Sue Hayton as part of the UK Geograph project. She generously allows us to use it here from wikicommons. Lovely gesture. Wonderful snap.

Unfortunately, it's a post box and not a Tardis. Almost. You put a message in and it can come out anywhere.

I had dinner tonight with a writing friend. I've turned him onto some fountain pens and he bought three new ones the other day. Lovely models, too. Just what a writer needs.

I'm thinking of a contemporary character who writers letters.

When was the last time you penned one?

I've used them to woo sweethearts, infuriate attorneys, and tell off Senators.

Not so much anymore. Makes me a little insecure.

It is insecure Wednesday. You can find the whole crew here.

My favorite means of communication is the monologue (see below) and a letter is a wonderful example.

I really should write to the Queen sometime before it is too late. She'll not see such a vulgar thing as a note from me.


When the end comes, we love our enemies more than our friends. Our enemies defined us.

We're the lessor for their passing.

A bit like letters in that way. We're the lessor for their passing, too.

At least, I am.

Off to the greater lands of fiction. In ink. On paper.

You should write.

I will.


Suzanne said...

I am a great fan of fountain pens, handwriting just naturally flows and looks graceful :)
IWSG Co-host in March :)

jack welling said...

Lovely stuff, isn't it?

Thanks for hosting!