clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Monday, March 16, 2015

Red Ink

At left from Wikicommons: an image of the actress Lucy Cotton from the cover of the November 1920 issue of Film Truth printed only using red ink.

Well. That's the sort of trouble we expect here on Mayhem. She's got it in spades.

Girls in red ink. Mind your wallet, boys. [ Indeed, Miss Cotton went on to a series of marriages after the death of her first husband and the $27 million he left her.]

I'm deep in edits. Thus, red ink.

You'd think I'd spell better than I do, or type better, or something. Of course, there's little secret as to my mechanical competency with print. If only longhand transferred better to the blog. Maybe I should take a picture of the same.

Hmmm. Idea.

Ordered pens, inks tonight.

I'll see if I cannot put them to a scandalous use sufficient to do Miss Cotton proudly. She did star in a play entitled Polygamy. For 1920, that's pretty wild.

I like the red ink image.

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