clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Campaign Shouting

... like a southern democrat.

Lyrics courtesy Chuck Berry.

Picture courtesy Harry Truman in a copyright free image while on the trail for a senate seat in Missouri, 1934.

There are few things as difficult as living with a writer. We're all over the emotional map according to things that normal humans do not see. Mostly, we're all over the map as the result of things no normal human could know.

Disappointed in a piece of dialogue last night? Drag it around all day.

Upset that you haven't time to work on new story Z because of ...dinner? More sulking.

We're hardly the model citizens of industry and cheer. Most of the time we're lazy and self-absorbed.

I propose a reading holiday.

Poetry has "The Slam."  Fiction should have "The Shout."

We should hold it in a noisy bar. In this way if we are telling stories sufficiently interesting to quiet the crowd, we've got the feedback we need.

There is Noir at the Bar. It's close. I don't know if they shout.

Shouting is important.

It's especially important if you live with a writer.

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