clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Monday, March 30, 2015

Pen Review

Kaweco Lilliput fountain pen.

Get one.

I'd post a picture but my phone ate them. I'm not sure what's going on with it. Might be dying.


The pen is small. It is available at JetPens. I doesn't leak. It fits your hand well when posted.

It can be carried in a trouser pocket. The pocket of your jeans. A purse.

You want to make provision to have some extra ink cartridges handy. You probably carry a purse, a backpack, a notebook case, an ipad case. The ink will go in one of those.

It writes cleanly.

You'll write more using it. I know.

I have the copper. I have a friend who also writes and has several different models now. Loves them.

He's a much more serious writer - meaning pen to page - than I am. I have an engineer's sensibility. He appreciates artisan craft.

I mentioned he has several?

If you're writing with a cramped disposable pen and you are a writer, why aren't you using a solid reliable tool than enhances your self-esteem when you use it?

These small pens are relatively inexpensive, delightful to use, and the sort of treat that make you want to use them.

I love it. I'll take a picture here sometime and put it in the blog. Bloody phone. (no, not an iphone).

Off to write. Work to do.

Yes, I'll use my little Lilliput pen.

It's fun to use, Guliver.

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