clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Treacherous Footing

At left, a photograph of an especially treacherous road from wikicommons taken by Jake Williams for the Geograph project.

I believe everyone in the Eastern half of the US is intimate with these illustrated conditions today. If so, watch your step.

I'm in a re-write (again) and it too is treacherous. One wrong word or awkward bit of dialogue and BAM, down it goes.

The practical advice in these conditions is to "walk like a penguin."


I worked for a company once whose grounds crew was shit. Their solution: a slogan. Don't fix the ice problem. No - encourage the employees to be careful.

Brilliant. No wonder they turned a $60B firm into a $12B firm in five years.

Nevertheless, I'd try the very same thing - walking like a penguin - but it won't help the story.

There's an idea. A children's book about murder on the ice floe by penguins. Plenty of eye-witnesses but then, what good are they?

Maybe I ought to stick to an audience accustomed to mature themes.

I wouldn't want to slip and fall on my narrative ass.

Mind you step. Watch out for Random Penguins., They're sneaky.


Anonymous said...

Those damn sneaky penguins.

Sounds like an awesome firm. I noticed you said "once" when you worked there.

Yeah, you don't tread lightly. You fix the damn problem. Cool post.

jack welling said...

Crime writers.

There's a lot of that past tense "once" in the rear view mirror for all of us.

Don't take the foot off the skinny one on the left. That stuff in the "once" category might be gaining ground.

Thanks for coming by and for the comment.