clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Try It On

Tomorrow: data points. I'm away from my _NYT_ at the moment.

It fits like a glove. ( Image from outside my local feed mill).

I have short fingers and every glove I've ever owned could store a couple peanuts in the end of each finger with ease. Large square palms, short fingers. Bear paws.

I've always thought "fits like a glove" was a stupid thing to say.

I'm trying some things on. We all do.

I've joined a "mutual aid" group to provide some definitive help in seeing if the polish on some stories is working or not. It is a critique group focused on publication-ready work. Since half the business is in the  polish steps, that's a big leap forward for me. I'm trying it on.

I'm also in a social writing group. Last week, one of the regulars became upset. She left in tears.

It was a cocktail party moment when someone you vaguely know is having marital trouble. At a party, from over in the corner, one of the two will storm out. The other sometimes apologizes and slips out a minute later. Sometimes they slip out in silence. I'm always the guy at the other end of the room wondering if they ate all the crab dip before they left.

I never inquire about the "scene" because I'm not interested. Don't mistake proper behavior for restraint and good taste. Accidents happen.

On Tuesday night, I was across the table from the regular who left. She was upset at the moderator for no good reason I could see. It's a social group and I suspect she came in with some degree of emotional distress. Maybe she didn't like the prompt which was innocent for this group. You know the type of absolute trash writers will use in parlor games. This wasn't one of those times.

She didn't write to the prompt, as many did not, and she took umbrage at the suggestion by the moderator of some unspecified jesting penance that the non-participants would face.

Tears, protestation, exit. You read the preceding line in the time it took to transpire.

I've not considered the response to an ill fit in trying on this publication run. I'd be in the same boat I am now, I suspect. I'd be in the same outcome class as those who are invisible for not writing to the prompt.

Invisibility is a poor comfort. Better executed in the square for insubordination than to die anonymously in the mines.

I'd even take crucifixion. Maybe I should have an autobiography ready, in case. It's the season, after all:

Anonymous: An Autobiography
 a novel. 

That'd piss off the marketing department.  

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