clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Printers Row

At left, a card which came in the mail commemorating the one-year anniversary of the Chicago Tribune's Printers Row.

I love Chicago. I couldn't resist subscribing to the  dedicated literary supplement and news. I've enjoyed it. I have to admit that I've read little of the fiction it publishes however. I can get through the news and releases and reviews but I cannot manage to read the fiction because of the content distribution engine.

The thing comes to me electronically distributed  by Olive Software. [ I'm outside the print distribution radius]. This firm uses flash which means that the content isn't available on iOS devices. The Tribune Co. likewise has resisted releasing an iOS app in support. Thus, I cannot recommend this wonderful publication when its ease of use for so many of us is horribly impinged.

I love my nook app on the iPad. I love my New York Times and New Yorker on the iPad. I still read my Wall Street Journal in hard copy. I write on it frequently thus I like the newsprint edition.

In fact, I write in almost all of my books. Here's an example.

I know - horrible, right? This is an Alice Munro story that I was pulling apart to understand some of her internal structure. "Axis."

I do this to a great many of my books for various reasons. In the last week I've ripped into a good part of Trott's Wounds and Lacerations: Emergency Care and Closure, a volume of Dr. William Forgey's  Wilderness Medicine,  and Peter Ho Davies The Ugliest House in the World collection of short stories. I'm working now on Separate Kingdoms by Valerie Laken which also is a collection of short stories and which I m also cutting apart.

I don't know why I do it. I started in high school and have persisted until today.

Oh, and I settled on the main conflict for a novel I'm plotting. That felt good. It was a good day.

Now, I'm going to make some notes and go to bed early. I'm reading Stanislav Lem for pleasure and I am enjoying him greatly.


Unknown said...

I think this just confirms you're a genius! I wish I did stuff like this. The only book I write in, is my Bible, but only because of it's complexity and the way it changes every time I read it. It's the only book that does this to me, so I make a lot of notes to keep track of my findings. You're one of those brains, who needs to dissect everything. Very cool. I've always wanted to be that way. :)

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I write in all my books, too, and have started making "notes" in ebooks. My dad was an English teacher, and I think I picked it up from him.

jack welling said...

C -

I have a marked up Bible hanging around, too. I had an instructor who said it was a primary source for the archetype of stories which are instantly recognized by western audiences and thus quite embraceable. We had lots of fun writing the papers in comparative lit.

E -

Glad I'm not alone. I have a Beowulf around here somewhere where I wrote more notes than there is story.

Glad to hear from you both!

Unknown said...

You can throw rocks at me if you want, J. I have an award for you on my blog. If you want to pass it along, you can, but it you're too busy, that's okay too. :)

jack welling said...

Goddess. Very kind.

I only throw roses.