clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Amazing Stuff.

Picture at left courtesy a fellow named McGeddon. Tempting to name such a child Armistice. We'd call him Arm. (I'm here through the weekend folks. Tip your waitress well, please.)

It amazing what a decent night's sleep and a proper pot of tea will do for your outlook and mood.

RANT =>  By "proper," I mean tea brewed in a pot with actual boiling water (not water that has been boiled) where the leaves from this year's harvest have been steeped and not "poured over."  I'm now to the point I will not order tea in North America from anyone who doesn't have an accent from the Isles. Boston Tea Party my ass. <= END RANT

I've two ideas for new stories that I've mulled over all night in slumber. I'm excited for both. I've got new respect for the W.I.P. that I liked quite well before setting it to print. We're on speaking terms this morning. That's an improvement.

I got advice from Celeste to the effect that less stress produces better effort. I'm taking liberties there with her comment but it's how I read it and she's right, of course. No sense stressing about work I've not even done. 

Maybe the first pass at the next draft of something I care about very much solves its structural problem. We won't know until we're at that point. I've got enough in the box here needing attention to feel badly about without looking ahead in angst to something not attempted yet..

I'm in my library with a pot of tea, dog, cat, a good attitude, focus, and even a little dedication. I hope you readers have the same joy this weekend yourselves. There is snow in the air outside my windows. I do love it so.

Now, onto the amazing stuff. The guest post over at Type M for Murder on the right bar is very nice. Fellow is a retired Episcopal Reverend and an active author. I thought the tone of his piece was quite good. Makes me a little sad I don't know the fellow personally. Sounds like the sort of guy who is a good sport when he catches a fish much larger than yours. (It's a trout thing.)

Off to the W.I.P. where my head should be while my eyes are focused and my head is clear.

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