clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Slow and Late

I'm going through the mechanics in my mind. I'm plotting a novel. [ Image at left courtesy of JD554 of wikicommons].

When I went to a writer's group tonight and we tried some writing prompt bits for fun, my stories were slow and late.

The good ideas came after we were done and my clever lines - those that might get laughs - were gone. It is a social group and surprisingly full of extroverts. The writers were home at their desks, writing.

My creativity was occupied elsewhere. My thoughts are with half-finished ideas.

My characters enter the page blind and feeble. They find their roles with hesitant fingers on braille formed from emotional scars.

I have answered my quandary from yesterday on a protagonist as transgressor. It came to me in the early morning hours.

In hell, only Satan can rule. If the fate of my damned leads to a wondrous paradise, then I must populate it with evil. Then this fictive world which smells of flowers will shortly have the characters wading in a tide of shit. Readers can accept that.

I know what to do with my protagonist. I know the tricks and bargains and tactics he will use. Previously, he was a man of curiosity and reason and an odd desire to embrace the muse Clio - the muse of history. Now, he is that most interesting of characters. I will let my readers see the world through his eyes.

I will let the reader enjoy his desires.


Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

A group of extroverted writers? Unusual! And tough to deal with. I'm not much of a bouncer-of-ideas around others. I'd probably not make many of the meetings.

But I'm glad you worked through your story issue!

Nigel Mitchell said...

Awesome. It's quite possible to have an anti-hero protagonist. Tricky, but I like the challenge. Looking forward to the finished story

j welling said...

Nigel - I too look forward to a challenge. Now, back to the Vogon poetry fest !