clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Publishing Trends, Data Points

Continuation of the Publishing data points series from the Sunday NYT Book Review.

Ecco / HarperCollins. The Accursed, Joyce Carol Oates. p.1. novel. [ "world's first postmodern Gothic novel"]. Reviewed by Stephen King. (yep).

Bloomsbury. The Magnificent Desolation, Thomas O'Malley. p.10. novel. [I don't have worlds to even attempt to snark this one. I'm even lost in the review]. reviewed by Stephen Harrigan.

Random House. Salt Sugar Fat, Michael Moss. p. 11. non-fiction. [ Why you haven't lost the freshman 20 in last 30 years]. reviewed by David Kamp.

The Penguin Press. The Still Point of the Turning World, Emily Rapp. p.12. grief memoir. [ 9 month old child diagnosed incurable and the following three years of response]. reviewed by Sarah Manguso. (probably lost a bet).

Harper. The End of the Point, Elizabeth Graver. p. 13. novel. [ Place as a character throughout a generational novel. Uses the phrase "military-industrial golfplex" ]. reviewed by Alida Becker.

New York Review of Books. Speedboat, Renata Adler. p. 14. novel. [ reissue]. reviewed by Jennifer Szalai.

New York Review of Books. Pitch Dark, Renata Alder. p.14. novel. [reissue].  reviewed by Jennifer Szalai.

G.P. Putnam's Sons. The Night Ranger, Alex Berenson. p.17. novel, thriller.[ Seventh of the John Wells character books]. reviewed by Adam LeBor.

Simon & Schuster. The Soundtrack of My Life, Clive Davis with Anthony DeCurtis. p. 20. memoir  [586 pages of gold records on the wall]. reviewed by Tom Carson.

Henry Holt & Company. A Possible Life,  Sebastian Faulks. p.21. novel - ostensibly. [ Three short stories bookended by novellas of temporally intertwined stories]. reviewed by Nancy Kline.

Viking. Here and Now, Paul Auster and J.M.Coetzee. p.22. literary letters. [ Collected correspondence from 2008 onward]. reviewed by Martin Riker.

Bloomsbury. Mimi, by Lucy Ellmann. p. 24. novel. [From the review, an example to new writers of why their manuscripts are rejected by editors - at least by Buckley, who is not an editor]. by Christopher Buckley.

Pegasus Books. Constance, The Tragic and Scandalous Life of Mrs. Oscar Wilde. Franny Moyle. p.26. biography. [ The title says it all. The review says "flat-footed"]. reviewed by Caryn James.

Faber & Faber.  The Missing Ink, Philip Hensher. p.26. non-fiction. [ Handwriting and penmanship mostly without nuns]. reviewed by Abigail  Meisel.

No shorts.

Top Ten Hardback Best Sellers.

Emily Bestler / Atria,
Little, Brown,
Tor / Tom Doherty,
Random House.

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