clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Use What You Have

[ Rush County Historical Society web site link here] No trees so no wooden posts.

The part of the world where I came of age was filled with people who "made do." They didn't have trees a couple of generations before and so cut stone for fence posts.

When I was a boy, rainfall had risen by a couple inches over fifty years, trees grew along draws and creeks, and hedge was available for corners and line posts.

This picture would have been taken in early fall. The cattle haven't yet eaten the brush out of the fence line. They will.

Yes, it is this flat in places. It can be a sea of grass. Not everywhere - but in some places. Curvature becomes a factor in how far one can see. After about a dozen miles, it is hard to see anything but tall structures.


I need to do some critique work for some new writers. The errors I make stand out to me clearest in their work and not my own. I get better by reading their work.

I'm using what I have to get better. There are several on-line critique communities. If you're not using them as a resource to help your own writing, you might not be using what you have.

You can get better writing alone in a cave. You get better faster writing with others. Sometimes that's because someone points out what you are doing. Most of the time it is because you see your muddled effort in someone else's piece and it plays poorly.

I have a cold. I'd rather not have it.

Write something.

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