clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Monday, January 27, 2014

Morose Volvo

I'm having a Volvo strand a character in front of an abandoned Pizza Hut like this one I borrowed from wikicommons.

We've all seen these. They used to be everywhere. Now, about a third are something else. I remember a greek restaurant in one - or was that an abandoned Long John Silver's?

The Volvo is a little bit a character in the story. It's morose. The setting of the story is an absurd little view of the world so it shouldn't surprise you that the mental state of the vehicle matters.

Now, I've been looking and thinking and working up characters who would be as distinctive and engaging as a morose Volvo. The story is important because it is for a contest and the judges want no
"normal shtick."  No hard luck detectives or heroin using crooks. No strippers with hearts of gold, either.

New. They want something new set within the broad genre of crime - my chosen field for now.

So, characterization. To me that encompasses speech, perspective, circumstance, and emotion. Throw in a little humanity and you have it. Easy? Bloody hard not to "borrow."

I'm off. I've got to cast a new story. Watch out for abandoned Pizza Huts. They're haunted by indigestion.

Write something.

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