clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Despot Island

It feels almost as good to decide what to do as accomplishing the thing. This must be a writer-ly thing because it makes no sense at all.

I've decided on the next longform project this morning. I'm grizzly. It's 10 degrees outside. I want coffee cake but settled for a fat-free egg substitute omelet instead ("kissing one's sister food").

Nevertheless, the bright spot of the day besides accomplishing a little of the day job work has been deciding on the next novel's topic. I will write Despot Island. I've two incomplete drafts that have been impacted more by the fear of doing them poorly than by the desire to move forward as a writer.


I'm strong enough in voice and confident enough in the broken characters I write to put this forward. I will do a good job, complete a draft, and ice the beast for next fall's big re-write. I'll start the outline in March, the composition in April, and conclude before July 4th. It's a first full draft instead of a rough. I have enough source material to fill the arcs and get this out there. I look for first full drafts to have something close to 75% of the story arcs I'll keep included. When my writing strengthens, I'll have 90% in there.

So, I know the project, some character sketches, some story arcs and sub-plots. I'm happy with this.

I've the current short to finish, another to write the rough and first full, and a third I want to re-write. I want to do some submission to a critique group this spring and that involves polishing, a task at which I've shown too little endurance in completing.

It's getting better. I see that. Work: seems to be a key, no? Work.

So, spurred by the discussion of the horrors of war crimes from Christina James at right, I'm going to write my piece on despots. A nicer bunch of villains you'll never meet. Hey, Last King of Scotland did well enough.

Never met Idi. A disappointment. Had a chance and didn't make it. Never let the opportunity to meet a despot pass by.

Write something. I'll write something despotic. Meet you on the other side.

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