clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dancing Bears

Ok, so my friends at left might not be doing the waltz. I'm sure they're thinking that delivery food is a lot better than hustling up more seal.

Ummmm, sailor. It's what's for dinner.

It is polar here tonight. Woodstove going strong.

Went to a social writing group tonight that I visit irregularly. Had a blast.

Writing to short prompts can be a great exercises to limber up the mind especially when it is a fun group. To the outside, it must seem a little like a community theater cast party where there is ample singing of show tunes, one person at a time.

Anyway, a limber night despite the brutal cold.

Tomorrow, I act on the new outline for a story I have on the hook with 6 pound test. Special phrase for me. Ron Carlson wrote a story which appeared in Gray's Sporting Journal called "6 Pound Test." It had a great effect on me. The analogy is having to play an important fish quite carefully. You know you've got something special on the line.

I think I have something special on the line this time. Special to me, at least. I'm going to play it carefully.

Ron Carlson has been great for me even though we'e never met. Funny that way: how people you don't see help you so profoundly in this pursuit.

Write something carefully tonight. I will, now that I've had the fun of writing with complete abandon.

Mind the bears.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

That's an excellent analogy--and I know just what you mean, although I've never thought of it that way. We can tell when we've got a book that's going to resonate with're so right--we need to handle those with care.

jack welling said...

Resonate - one of my very favorite words! It walks out the door bright and crisply shaved and ready for day.

Thanks for coming by - as always. I look forward to it.

Also, thanks for starting my day off with one of my favorite words!