clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Grand Monument

I've been working on the profile of ego. It occurs to me that those who have enhanced their own because of the consequences of actions - such as taking over a third-world country - share a trend towards monumentalism in their shrines.

Now, the great dead houses I've seen are largely not visited and unknown. Taj Mahal I've not seen in person but it is certainly a visited death house as are the Pyramids of the Giza.

I am considering the point of view that the image of "after I'm gone" might be important to these despots. At least, it might be important to these despots in in my fiction.

Of course, writers already have some of these interests, don't we. Has anyone failed to consider the fact that grandchildren might one day have our books on their shelves? Well, maybe. Only one of my offspring even have a bookshelf filled with boks in their house. (The other has bookshelves but the daughter in law uses them for displaying items other than books - or, "shit" as I call it).

I hope the book shrine will appear int he grandchildren's homes. The children - lost.

So, thinking of the grand monument as a point of interest to villains. I'll have to consider this. I'll certainly consider it far more than I'll ever consider monuments to my own existence. I have my name on a very good fly rod that someone will use when I'm gone. That's enough of a monument.

Off to write about "the end."

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