clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Off the Map

Have you been chugging along lately grind on your WIP and suddenly you look up and realize you're completely off the map?

You've gone to the land of emotional adventure. I think the chap at left might have been there recently. He's looking to his right and expecting one of his characters to make an entrance any minute.

I had a character take a turn I didn't expect, then another and then another. I have no idea where this state of mind came from but I like it. It's better than I plotted.

SO, looking at next year's conference schedules. I might have to make a couple just to see what they are like. I've been to the lovely Bear River [ CAUTION - full of poets and memoirists ] but would like to go elsewhere.

I only expect to gain a little energy and maybe meet someone.  Maybe not. I'm pretty shy at these sorts of things. I made an effort this spring at Bear River. I guess that worked out better than I thought because I did meet a fellow there who turns out to live a couple of houses from me. [ I don't know my neighbors. Better in the end that way. ] He's working on the craft as well. His stories are sharp.

SO, thinking about making an east coast and a mid-western run then tell myself "no - useless effort that would be spent finishing a couple stories." Probably right there.

I haven't found the bit for me. I need to look harder.

Backspace? Maybe. I think I joined but I haven't used the site.

What about you? Thinking about an adventure yet?

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