clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jasmine, Blue ... Junior Mints, Black

I went to see Blue Jasmine tonight. I'm slow at things.

I bought The Orphan Master's Son yesterday. See, still slow.

My movie review? If I were a filmmaker, I'd stop the business after seeing the movie and become a writer. As I am a writer, I'm going to just be glad I get to watch Woody Allen at work and don't have to compete with him.

It isn't the best film I've ever seen. It might be the best acted I've seen.

It's damn sure in the top two or three pieces of art I've seen in film. I need to see it a couple more times before I could say more.

On Writing. It's a marathon folks. It isn't a sprint. The training is a little bit (or more than a little) every day and the payoff doesn't come for a long time. Your first isn't your fastest or your best.

There we have it.

Oh. Shinola in Detroit is going to start producing notebooks at a local book bindery. You'd rather have a notebook that says Shinola from Detroit than a moleskin from , where? China?  I'm encouraging you to prove you know the difference. Shinola. Yes. I know I am a huge Hemingway fan and I've used moleskin for my entire life.

I've milked cows and have been associated with work involving shit more than I care to admit. Shinola. I know the difference.  (Yes, they sell shoe polish, too).

I'm off to turn shit into gold with a little shinola myself.

Edit something you love tonight. Make it shine.

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