clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Thursday, September 19, 2013

End of Day

The poster at left from the movie Armageddon - which wasn't quite what I was going for tonight.

At the end of the day I frequently have little notes in my pocket. Sometimes they stand alone ...often they just are to trigger thinking about something else important. They're a little like my own version of a cockney accent.

I'm producing some on the desk right now for your amusement.

Aur Atoll. Look into the equatorial launch facility.

Have to wait 'till yesterday's here. (Tom Waits lyric)

Swimming Lesson needs more than evil little boy - needs conflict for revenge to matter. To kill Brett, need something in story sufficient. remember _Fell From the Sea_...

The air raid shelters are now blooming clover (Kate Bush lyric)

Voice, tension, some sort of unexpected.

Superhuman compassion in the face of persistent misbehavior (Steve Almond quote)

considerable narrative tension can be wrung frm a situation in which the reader knows more than the character (Steve Almond, again)

Push Kait farther. Mom is a James Bond super-agent .... Kate names steps int he kitchen for super villains as she walks across in the dark.

Sin is the currency of the realm, boy. Murder puts brass in the till. (My quote).

The overturned tractor crushes him slowly. Delmar dies and Ollie watches. The Ollie goes and calls the fire department.

So, maybe my little end of day notes are not so far from the End of Days. Fratricide always closes the chapter nicely. Too bad for Abel.

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